Project by the Numbers

As UNA takes strides to reach its 2020 commitment, Schneider Electric has designed a comprehensive energy savings project that will touch over 70 UNA facilities. Below are a few numbers to show the massive impact the project will have on the campus.


1.4 miles of door + window weather stripping

This seal will keep you comfortable during all types of outdoor temperatures and weather. 


3.8 million kWh saved every year

By installing 23,000 more efficient light fixtures, savings equal enough to power 380 homes!


NCAA D1 Needs

In order to comply with D1 standards, Braly Stadium has been connected to the campus' fiber network. It's game time!


1.5 miles of fiber 

These yards of network are needed to connect the East Campus to the rest of the university. That means faster technology for you.


7.2 million gallons of water saved per year

Water conservation measures are being implemented across 40 campus facilities. That's enough water to fill up 11 Olympic-size swimming pools!


Chill out at the GUC 

No more sweating it out or bundling up at the GUC. New upgrades to the facility mean a more comfortable space for you to relax.


Spotlight on Leo III

The friendly mascot received his own facility updates in the form of brighter, more efficient lighting.